Rasul Hydro Barrage 20 Megawatts

Small hydropower maintains its position as one of the most reliable and cost efficient renewable energy source.”

Noor Power is currently working on two hydro powers Project.


Rasul Barrage is located across the Jhelum River at distance of about 72 km (45 miles) downstream of Mangla Dam. The Barrage is the first regulation structure downstream of Mangla Dam on Jhelum River and therefore gets regulated supplies from Mangla.

Features of Rasul Barrage



Rasul Hydropower Project

Project Capacity

20 MW


84 Million USD approx

Project Completion Time

3.5 years

Dead line for submission of PQD (Prequalification Document)

17th June, 2015

Evaluation Requirements

The details of technical and financial requirement are in PQD (Prequalification Document)

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