Project Brief Information

Small hydropower maintains its position as one of the most reliable and cost efficient renewable energy source.”

Noor Power is currently working on two hydro powers Project.

Balloki Sulemanki Hydro Power Project

The name of the project is Balloki Sulemanki Hydropower Project. It is on BS Link Canal II RD 193+339. The net capacity of this hydropower Project is 5MW The project site is located at Balloki-Sulemanki Link II Canal RD 193+339 in THESIL Chunian district Kasur. The site is 95 kilometer south of Lahore. The site is linked through wide networks of road to Okara, Pattoki, Kasur and Lahore. The site is easily accessible from Lahore via Raiwand Road.

The average climate of the site is hot dry in summer and cold in winters. July and August is known as monsoon season for the site. The summer average temperature ranges from 25 to 49 C and in winters it ranges from 2 to 20 C. The average humidity ranges from 35 to 75 % in August. The average rainfall of the site is 430mm.

Regional Geology

Balloki Headworks is on river Ravi is located at a distance of about 42 miles from Lahore in the South-west direction. The headwork’s was a part of a Triple Canal Project System (Upper Jhelum, Lower Chenab and Lower Bari Doab Canal Group) by which the flow of river Ravi had been planned to be supplemented via the outfall of Upper Chenab Canal ( Located on the right flank) for utilization in Lower Bari Doab Canal placed   at left bank of Balloki. The structure was thus initially termed as Level Crossing Balloki. Later on it took the role of headworks when due to frequent damage of upper Chenab Canal by floods in its portion of river belt.

The surface of the site is mainly comprised of fine to medium grained sands with salt and clay mixed with mudstones along with cankers in some places. The technical condition is favorable for construction of powerhouse.


Max design Capacity 162m3/sec
Bed Width 58.42
Full Supply Level 617.04m a.s.l
Side Slop 1:15
Velocity 0.92m/sec
Average Ground Level 182.10. a.s.l

Sitecredits: OCM-UMT