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Energy Crisis In Pakistan

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In today's culture, electricity is a vital part of functioning as a society. Electricity also plays a vital role in the Nation’s economy. There is no imagining of progress without Electricity.The demand of electricity rapidly grows day by day. Pakistan has anticipated has been 36000MW by the year 2025; which is 239% approximately of present demand.

And present demand is not achieve able till now. The graph below shows the Energy supply and demand of the country.The above graph shows the power supply and increasingly demand of the country and gap between supply and demand become bigger and bigger.

Pakistan energy sources are depend on natural gas, hydropower potential Oil and coal and now also focus on wind and solar energy which is very slowly in progress and less efficient.

People also depend on wood, agriculture and animal wastages to meet the energy but all these sources and are slow and less effective and non-environment friendly. AS a result, Pakistan’s dependence on energy inputs is very high and energy sector remains curial to support continued growth of Pakistan economy. Electricity demands increasing 9-10% annually and in 2025 it will approximately 36000 MW. As the progress speed is rapidly growing up of the world and after coveting in global village, the world’s needs of electrical energy rapidly grows up to meet the needs.

Government is well aware of the following crises so number of efforts is being made Federal and provincial government.

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