How Noor Power Rise

Noor Power is a private limited power generation company founded in 2011. It currently has a number of Hydro Power Projects all over Pakistan. We promote the development, retention and enhancement of small hydroelectric generation as a renewable source where the net benefit to the environment is positive. Noor Power has collaborated with few multinational world acclaimed firms.

Social Responsibilities

We want to  become a leading sustainable energy company by producing and delivering electricity in environmentally and socially responsible ways. For us that means making sure that we're impacting the environment as little as possible. In fact, we do our best to make things better.

Commitment to the Environment

All provisions of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997 will be followed. The requirements As laid down by Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA) and by the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency and by the Provincial Environmental Protection Agency (Punjab – EPA) relating to National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be met (PPDB Policy).

Consistent with our purpose to provide reliable power at low cost for generations, BC Hydro is committed to producing, acquiring, delivering and consuming electricity in an environmentally, socially and financially responsible manner.

Contribution Towards Society

Small hydro power plants are a precursor for economic growth and social development. They guarantee a local, stable power supply. Decentralized, small hydro power plants are often the only way to create environmentally-friendly power for electric lighting, for preparing and cooling food and for stimulating economic growth in remote regions.
In developing countries, they are a good substitute for diesel-powered generators. Even in industrialized nations, small hydro power plants are in demand, as they provide a useful contribution on the whole and effectively support energy change.

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