How Noor Power Rise

Noor Power is a private limited power generation company founded in 2011. It currently has a number of Hydro Power Projects all over Pakistan. We promote the development, retention and enhancement of small hydroelectric generation as a renewable source where the net benefit to the environment is positive. Noor Power has collaborated with few multinational world acclaimed firms.

Mission Statement

To be the leader in Hydro Power consultancy and  non destructive Geophysical Investigations by providing integrated  and cost effective solutions to our clients through highly experienced Advisers and committed professionals ensuring highest Quality Standards and strictly adhering to defined time line.

Our Mission is to be the recognized fluid power and motion control leader by providing impeccable customer service in the distribution, specification and application of automation equipment in our chosen markets.

To accomplish this, we will:

  • Provide our customers, both internal and external, with outstanding customer support and communication.
  • Create and maintain a fair and cooperative work environment that offers opportunity, recognition and long term security.
  • Gene rates a profit that assures growth and stability to our suppliers, customers and stockholders.
  • Central to this, we believe our success lies in the dedication of our people.

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