How Noor Power Rise

Noor Power is a private limited power generation company founded in 2011. It currently has a number of Hydro Power Projects all over Pakistan. We promote the development, retention and enhancement of small hydroelectric generation as a renewable source where the net benefit to the environment is positive. Noor Power has collaborated with few multinational world acclaimed firms.


Noor Power promotes the development, retention, and enhancement of small hydroelectric generation as a renewable energy source where the net benefit to the environment is positive. We achieve maximum benefit by collaborating with local stakeholders in the implementation of multipurpose projects.


  • The objective is to design a hydroelectric plant utilizing optimal energy in the water, with minimum submergence and economic costs, considering seasonal variation in power generation to meet the region's demand during all seasons.
  • Noor  Power  is committed to providing timely, orderly, consistent, and credible information consistent with legal and regulatory requirements, to ensure full and fair valuation of the company’s securities, maintain access to capital markets, protect the company and its shareholders, and aid in the orderly trading of the company’s securities in the investment markets. The company believes that disclosure should be made broadly, evenly, and fairly on a non exclusionary basis so that all investors and potential investors have fair and equal access to material information and can make informed and timely judgments on prospects for future company performance.
  • Clean, abundant electricity is a key to Pakistan’s economic prosperity and our quality of life.
  • Noor Power acts with integrity in all of our business relationships, complying with all applicable laws, following best practice guidelines in corporate governance, and providing a healthy and safe workplace for all of our employees.
  • Provide power services at lowest sustainable cost.
  • Optimize hydropower as a renewable resource that does not contribute to greenhouse gases.
  • Meet or exceed industry standards for reliability and availability.
  • Develop and implement a hydropower asset management strategy.
  • Identify and implement opportunities to standardize equipment, processes, and services in coordination with other related federal hydropower agencies.
  • Sustain a skilled hydropower workforce.
  • Strengthen and sustain hydropower partnerships with the power marketing administrations, preference customers, and federal power agencies.
  • Manage the hydropower program through sound project management principles.
  • Optimize the hydropower resources within authorized project purposes and environmental laws.

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