Hydro Power Project

The net capacity of Hydro Power Project is 5MW.


Hydro Power Project

Balloki Headworks is on river Ravi, which is located at a distance of

about 42 miles from Lahore in the South-west direction.


Trimmu Barrage

The maximum design capacity of Trimmu barrage is 18265m3 /sec

(645000 cfs).

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Trimmu Barrage

The site is linked through wide networks of road to Jhang at the

famous town of Atharan Hazari where there is the confluence of rivers

Chenab and Jhelum.

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Trimmu Barrage

Trimmu Barrage is a barrage on the River Chenab in the Jhang District

of the Punjab province of Pakistan

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Corporate Profile
8/24/2015 Prime Minister launches construction of controversial nuclear plants

Prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday august 20th, 2015 held a ceremony for two controversial Chinese nuclear plants in Karachi which are set to add 1,100 MW to the energy starved country's electric grid. Nawaz Sharif said, two new nuclear plants, K2 and K3 will be built near Kanupp which was built 43 years ago. He further said that it is our top priority to end load shedding.

The government however insists the plant is subject to safeguards by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Thursday noting the excellent co-operation between Pakistan and China in peaceful use of nuclear energy said it would help the country meet its energy shortfall. The event was attended by Governor, Chief Minister Sindh, and Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif. He said the event was significant as it showed the close collaboration between Pakistan and China in all areas, particularly in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Prime Minister said he was grateful to China’s Atomic Energy Authority, Export Import Bank of China and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) for its support to Pakistan. The Prime Minister along with the governor, chief minister and others launched the concrete pouring of the plant. Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Mohammad Naeen said KANUPP was under the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards and meets all international safety requirements for nuclear power plants.

He said the government was working under the Vision 2050 to add 40,000MW of electricity to the national grid.

Prime Minister launches construction of controversial nuclear plants
8/17/2015 ABD Lends $65 Million to Private Hydropower Projects in Pakistan

Asian Development Bank is providing loan assistance of up to $65 million for a new private sector hydropower project in Pakistan, through which the country will drive to overcome power shortages and will strengthen its energy security. The loan will go to Mira Power Ltd, a special purpose company controlled by three republic of Korea.

M. Azim Hashmi, Investment specialist in ABD’s private sector operation department said, “Severe power shortages remain a major constraint on Pakistan’s economy, and scaling up the use of hydropower is essential for meeting demand and reducing the country’s reliance on costly imported fossil fuels for electricity production”.

Hydropower is the cheapest source of electricity on per unit cost compared to all other alternatives. The project will be carried out on a build own operate transfer basis over 30 years. The new facility will provide additional installed generating capacity of 102 megawatts, equivalent to almost 2 percent of the current power shortfall in the country. By substituting fossil fuel-driven electricity, it will help Pakistan avoid greenhouse gas emissions of nearly 254,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent a year.

ADB has been a pioneer in the development of private sector clean power projects in Pakistan, financing the first two hydropower and first three wind power projects in the country. Other project loan assistance will be provided by Export-Import Bank of Korea, the International Finance Corporation and its parallel co-financiers, for a total investment cost of over $367 million. The project will be carried out over 55 months, with expected completion in March 2019.

ABD Lends $65 Million to Private Hydropower Projects in Pakistan
8/12/2015 Sachal Energy Signs Financing Agreement with ICBC

Sachal Energy is the first wind power project to achieve this milestone under Pak-China. Economic Corridor projects Sachal Energy Development (Pvt) Limited has signed a financing agreement with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) for Sachal Wind Power Plant. The agreement was by Kashif Mateen Ansari, Chief Executive Officer of Sachal Energy at a ceremony held at the office of National Energy Administration (NEA).

ICBC is the largest bank in the world by total assets and is one of China's `big four' state-owned commercial banks. Sachal Energy, a fully owned subsidiary of Arif Habib Corporation Limited, has already signed a power purchase agreement with National Electric Power Regulatory Authority in February 27, 2014.

It has also signed an engineering, procurement and construction contract and operation & maintenance contract with Chinese company Hydro China Corporation Limited in April 28, 2012.

The construction of the project is expected to start in April this year and its commercial operation is expected to begin in 2016. The project will annually generate 136,500MWh of clean energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 85,000 tons.

This project will not only strengthen economic relationship between China and Pakistan but will also foster technical co-operation between the two friendly neighbors. 

Sachal Energy Signs Financing Agreement with ICBC
8/12/2015 Bahawalpur to have $1.5bn World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

Chinese company has the biggest solar power plant of 170MW and Pakistan has awarded $1.5 billion contract for the largest solar power project of 900MW in Bahawalpur to this company.
Meetings were held between Prime Minister “Nawaz Sharif” and Water and Power Minister “Khawaja Muhammad Asif”. After concluding final results Zonergy company Ltd President Yu Yang told journalist that his company had a portfolio of 1,200MW of solar plants in China and the largest one was 170MW plant in Xinjiang. 
He also stated that his company had an association over 17 years with Pakistan and Zonergy was not just a subsidiary of the ZTE but also one of the largest shareholders in ZTE.
Mr Yong said there was a need to address concerns regarding Pakistan’s national grid’s conversion system to accommodate fluctuating renewable energy sources.“The 900MW solar project launched in Quaid-i-Azam Solar Power Park in Bahawalpur is the largest solar power project in the world,” he said.
He said the “China Exim Bank” and “China Development Bank” had provided funds for the project. Mr Yong said solar power generation has become a global focus because “it is clean, renewable and safe”.

Bahawalpur to have $1.5bn World’s Largest Solar Power Plant
11/25/2014 Energy Crisis In Pakistan

In today's culture, electricity is a vital part of functioning as a society. Electricity also plays a vital role in the Nation’s economy. There is no imagining of progress without Electricity.The demand of electricity rapidly grows day by day. Pakistan has anticipated has been 36000MW by the year 2025; which is 239% approximately of present demand.

And present demand is not achieve able till now. The graph below shows the Energy supply and demand of the country.The above graph shows the power supply and increasingly demand of the country and gap between supply and demand become bigger and bigger.

Pakistan energy sources are depend on natural gas, hydropower potential Oil and coal and now also focus on wind and solar energy which is very slowly in progress and less efficient.

People also depend on wood, agriculture and animal wastages to meet the energy but all these sources and are slow and less effective and non-environment friendly. AS a result, Pakistan’s dependence on energy inputs is very high and energy sector remains curial to support continued growth of Pakistan economy. Electricity demands increasing 9-10% annually and in 2025 it will approximately 36000 MW. As the progress speed is rapidly growing up of the world and after coveting in global village, the world’s needs of electrical energy rapidly grows up to meet the needs.

Government is well aware of the following crises so number of efforts is being made Federal and provincial government.

Energy Crisis In Pakistan

“Small hydropower maintains its position as one of the most reliable and cost efficient renewable energy source.”

Noor Power is currently working on two hydro power projects in Pakistan.

Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad
Syed Faraz Ali
Managing Director
Ibrahim Hasan Murad
Dr Naushaba Hasan Murad
Shaheen Rasheed
Company Secretary/ Director

Project Showcase

Project Showcase

Trimmu Hydro Power Project

Trimmu Hydropower Projectis of 19.2MW is on Trimmu barrage located about 3km downstream of the confluence of Jhelum and Chenab rivers near Jhang.

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